The Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad engaged the services of Crystal CG and the Spinifex Group to create content for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Games in 2008. Led by the vision of famous director Zhang Yimou, the result was well beyond expectations. Spinifex was the only non-Chinese company to work on the audio-visual content for the Opening Ceremony.

Whilst working on such an important project within China, Spinifex had the unique opportunity to experience the pride of China through its people and culture. We are still continuing our strong relationships with the Beijing team and collaborating together on new projects within the country.

Under the direction of Director Zhang Yimou and Director Yang, Spinifex was responsible for the design and creation of the specific sections awarded to us. Both directors were open to ideas and suggestions as we strived for the best possible outcomes across the show.

As with most projects of this scale, it is more about continual development than delivering on a specific brief. Because of the enormous complexities of the show, it was not until the heavy rehearsal phase that every component could be assessed objectively. Spinifex demonstrated both commitment and flexibility in its collaboration with Director Zhang Yimou, Director Yang and Producer Yvonne Ho from concept right up to the last moments before the event.

Within this project there was a heavy dependency on pre-vizualisations of each piece before rehearsal phase. There were many components to be considered throughout the design and production of each piece, and could only be realized through pre-visualisation.

- Delivery of all content for 63 HD Moving Head Projectors, 120 meter horizontal LED Screen and Pigi projection.
- Provided content for broadcast, Pigi, projection and LED formats simultaneously.

The technical media structure for the ceremonies was highly advanced. Whilst Spinifex was experienced with all the systems used, it was the overall logistics of communication channels and media distribution that Spinifex paid particular attention to. As this was a long-term project with multiple phases, Spinifex set up a sophisticated file versioning system that allowed all production and clients to view the very latest of work. This extended beyond preview phases into the delivery phase, where various compressions and file splits needed constant updating.

PRODUCTION: Matt Lock, James Schofield, Rob Schmidt, Ryan Close, Roy Christian, Gareth Young, Jamie Tufrey
AGENCY: Crystal CG
DIRECTORS: Director Zhang Yimou, Director Yang
PRODUCER: Tracey Taylor